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7 words meme

MEME: Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

The oh! so gracious and flawless absolutelybatty gave me:
7 words: vampires (what? I'm staring at my user pics as I write this.), television, language, classes, family, favorite foods, aaaaaaaaaaaand, hm, SHERLOCK! MUWHAHAHA! ;D

Vampires. I'm the Fantasy/Sci-Fi type of girl. Give me mythological/folkloric/whatever creatures and I'm in my element.
I like pretty much any kind of vampires. Even sparkling ones, yeah, I don't mind that. My favourites though are Ann Rice's vampires, and especially Lestat & Armand.
Television. I don't watch television much, mostly because there's nothing interesting to watch and commercials are boring when you're lucky, and plain unbearable the rest of the times. Unfortunatly, we get to see British and American tv shows in Italian, and more often than not the dubbing isn't that good. The dubbing of The Big Bang Theory was rubbish, for saying one. And you get tired of hearing always the same voices, it's frustrating.
For example, Barbossa is dubbed by the same guy who dubs Gamabunta, aka the giant toad in Naruto. How can I take what Barbossa says seriously, how? I just can't, I have a giant toad pictured in my mind all the time. Sorry Barbossa, not your fault really, but still.
Language. I like my own language, but I've grown to like English as well. They're very different, especially in terms of sentence construction. We use plenty of dependent clauses and our sentences tend to be long and more complex compared to English ones. I think English is more incisive. And epic. English can be very epic. Italian is less epic, perhaps, but not less beautiful. Sometimes I'm frustrated by my limited English vocabulary. It's nothing compared to my Italian vocabulary. And I tend to be the so called grammar nazi when it comes to Italian, so it bugs me to make mistakes in English, but I know I still do, and perhaps always will.
Classes. This semester I'm taking four classes: Operations research, Operating systems, Computer networks and Web Technology.
Operations research is boring as I had anticipated and the teacher is quite messy in his explanations. I'll probably drop it, sooner or later - attendance is not compulsory at my uni. Computer Networks is interesting, but again, I don't like the teacher much.
Operating Systems & Web Technology are simply amazing. I love those two classes, they're very intriguing and both teachers are competent and extremely clear.
Family. I love my family. The old saying 'Home Sweet Home' really applies to me. There's no place like home.
Favorite Foods. Carbohydrates own my life. Pasta, rice, pizza and potatoes in all their forms, basically. Pasta, especially. I have to eat pasta at least once a day, my brain can't properly work without pasta.
SHERLOCK, which is indeed capslock worthy. MY CURRENT OBSESSION. Funny thing is, I liked the BBC series, but I wasn't obsessed with it, at first. I thought it was clever, well done, but not exactly fangirling material. Then I read a couple of fanfictions, and I found myself mildly sherlocked. Then I read more fanfictions, and more, and more, and more...
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