Miss Val (tinebrella) wrote,
Miss Val

Alive, but very, very busy

Just a quick update to say: I'm alive and doing fine, but hectic doesn't cover the hot mess that is my RL at the moment. Right now, the only thing I didn't drop is the modding of trope_overdosed. And I won't, don't worry.
To everyone (who may care):
I'm sorry I didn't comment on your icon entries, I'm sorry I didn't take part in your challenges, I'm sorry I didn't nom you @magicawards, I'm sorry.
I'll be back.

However, you can find me at the anon chat a couple of hours in the evening (remember, my time zone is GMT+1, so my evening might be your morning, or afternoon, or night). I find it relaxing, and if you want to have a random chat with me, join in.

I miss you all.
Tags: rl
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